Kayla's Goldendoodles

A little about me.

I am Kayla Bowers, mother to three and hobby breeder. Growing up my family raised Golden Retrievers and I wanted to carry on the memories of that with my own children! 

Meet the Mother, Ruby.

Ruby, is a full blood, AKC registered red golden retriever. She comes from a long line of hunting dogs and has the wits to prove it! She is sweet, cuddly, and loves to sit and watch TV with you. She’s been our oldest son’s best buddy since he was 5 and they are inseparable. 

Meet the Father, Finnick.

Our male, Finnick, is a full blood, AKC registered, apricot standard poodle. His parents are both show dogs. His confidence is a testament to that. He loves to run with our youngest son Hudson. He’s a very sweet boy. You can often catch him cuddling with one of our twins after they finish playing outside.

So why choose a Golden Doodle?

Simply because you are getting the best of both worlds! You get all of the laid back and carefree love of a golden retriever AND the athleticism and smarts of a poodle! What’s not to love? 

Did we mention the coats? Poodles have hair that forms small ringlets and goldens have fur. Whenever you combine the two you get a coat that is not only hypoallergenic like a poodle but it’s also much easier to maintain, like a golden! Again, the best of both worlds! 

Goldendoodles make the perfect companion for families who have a member sensitive to dander!

It's so exhausting being this beautiful.